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There's no such thing as bad exercise. Any movement done in a way that supports your joints is good. At the same time, any movement done with poor alignment can lead to injury.

We no longer need to labor all day for survival, which is really cool for our quality of life, but is terrible for flexibility and coordination. Now we sit in our sedentary jobs all day long, which makes our muscles sleepy and our connective tissues tight and prone to injury.

Then we hit the gym, and without specifically addressing those needs, jump right into a  a high intensity workout. This sets us up for imbalances, movement gaps, and injuries.


We aren't your traditional exercise studio. We are dedicated, not in what exercises you're doing, but how you're performing those exercises. Instead of pointing out bad technique, or hoping bad technique will get better as you get fitter, we teach exercises that specifically restore good technique, and incorporate them into your full fitness workout.


We have a wide variety of group workouts in a well thought out comprehensive program that supports you in your journey of re-establishing the full range of motion that you need to live a full and active life. Whether you need a private session to help address your individual needs, need a good stretch after your long run, or just need a great workout to get you in shape, we have that!

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