Private and Semi-Private Sessions

Need a personal workout? Tell us your goals! Let us design a workout just for you!

Prefer a group workout, but need some help? Do both! A private session will help you stop repeating bad habits and improve the quality of your group workouts.

Wondering how a private session can benefit you? Just ask. We’re here to help you reach your goals!

All Levels Welcome

Therapeutic Pilates

If you have orthopedic pain, arthritis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, bulging discs, rotator cuff injury, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, this class addresses your specific needs.

Combining therapeutic orthopedic exercises, gentle Pilates, and deep fascial stretching, this class gives relief to pain, increases flexibility, and restores bad posture.


It's a foundational class for beginners, great active recovery for athletes, and a must for pre and post-natal women.

Great For Beginners and Athletes

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Cardio Core

Cardio Core restores your posture while stimulating your metabolism. This is a great cardiovascular workout that trains every joint in your body to move with coordination and control, creating stamina, power, and safe joints. Be prepared, great posture makes a great workout!

You'll need to gear up for a cardiovascular workout. Everyone needs workout shoes and a large towel. Ladies, you'll also need a sports bra.

All Levels Welcome

Power Pilates

Combine powerful standing exercises with healing Pilates exercises. Set them up with exercises that restore posture, flexibility and joint health.  What do you get? Power Pilates. This workout emphasizes deep, proprioceptive stretching of the hips, neck and shoulder with strength and stabilization of the scapula, obliques, glutes, spine, low back, and knees.

Intermediate and Advanced



Start your weekend with a much-needed end-of-the-week tension relief, energy boost, and attitude lifter! Connect your mind-to-body with deep breath-work and with yoga and Pilates flows. This class promotes flexibility, clears and stimulates your thinking.

All Levels Welcome

Power Pilates Flow

This class combines advanced Pilates postures plus much, much more. We also add standing dynamic exercises that strengthen the spine, elevate the heart rate, increase your metabolism, and focus on your core. Bring your mat and your bare feet and expect to use a variety of equipment.

Intermediate and Advanced

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