Health & Fitness

Aligned Fitness workouts aren't just for injuries, they are for people who want their healthy joints to last them a lifetime! We have fully functional fitness workouts for cardiovascular, strength, and core training, as well as group pilates and group therapeutic healing classes, every day, Monday through Saturday.

Pain & Injury Treatment

Since bad posture is the root of orthopaedic injury and athletic injury, when you restore good posture you heal injury. Our method corrects and restores your posture while you exercise, so as you get fit, you get healed.

Athletics & Mobility

Postural muscles stabilize your joints. When stabilizers are undertrained athletes lose stability, which ultimately decreases their agility and performance. We train athletes to control dynamic posture, eliminating movement gaps and gaining power for any sport or activity. Athletes' performance and coordination increases and risk of injury decreases.

Hi, I'm Lori

I have always been passionate about Fitness. I studied exercise science in college and went on to teach group exercise, personal training, and exercise for orthopaedic pain and injuries.

Early in my career I was aware of the challenges that people have with moving "correctly". It's not the big things, it's the little things, like how they tilt their head, or a little thing they do with their foot, or a funny thing they do with their shoulder, all while doing something seemingly unrelated, like doing a squat or pushup.

Those little things were directly responsible for the orthopaedic pain they were experiencing, and eventually, the orthopaedic injuries they were creating. Those little postural gaps couldn't be corrected by simply pointing them out. In fact , most of the time people couldn't even feel they were doing them.

Lori About

I realized that much of the traditional fitness that we teach today just isn't enough to prepare the average person for healthy movement, so I spent my entire career continuing to educate myself on how the body learns movement, both negatively and positively, and have been developing exercises that fix those little postural problems and integrate healthy movement into your exercise.

In January 2007, after a decade of working on my methods, I open up the Pilates place, which eventually grew into align Fitness and pilates. We now have a fully comprehensive program designed to help a wide range of clients, including a wide range of group classes, private sessions, semi-private sessions, and workshops.

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